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Prefinished hardwood floors are products that are factory finished. Once installed they can be walked on, furniture moved in and you're ready to go. Over the last ten years alone the number of manufacturers have increased substantially. We've put together a list of the more popular brands being sold in retail showrooms today. Follow the manufacturer links for more information on their product line.

Manufacturer                                      Primary Product Lines        


Anderson                   Engineered, darker stained. Oak, hickory. Handscraped high end    

Armstrong                 Solid & engineered. Mostly oak. Some exotics

BR111                        Solid exotic South American hardwoods. Some engineered

Boen                          European manufacturer floating engineered floors

Brazilian Direct         Solid exotic South American hardwoods

Bruce                         Solid & engineered. Mostly oak

Build Direct               Imported Asian hardwoods. Engineered & solid

Capella                      3/4" engineered specialty. Some 3/8" 

Century                     Solid & engineered. Oak, Maple, Hickory, Walnut         

Cikel                         Solid exotic South American hardwoods. Some engineered

Columbia                 Wide variety. Engineered, solid hardwood. Oak,Hickory, Pecan, Maple

Gammapar               Numerous acrylic impregnated colors; engineered

Garrison                   Imported mid price hand scraped & distressed engineered wide plank

Harris Wood            Engineered mid price to high end hand scraped. Some solid

Homerwood            Solid wide plank handscraped, distressed

Johnson                  Imported wide plank smooth and hand scraped engineered    

Junkers                   Solid floating floors with clip system  

LM Flooring            Imported engineered only. Common oaks, exotic & hand scraped

Launstein                3/8" solid hardwood specialty  

Lauzon                    Engineered and solid hardwoods. High quality

Kahrs                      Pioneer and leader in click floating floors

Mannington            Engineered only. Smooth, rustic, hand scraped, and exotic

Max Windsor          Imported wide plank, hand scraped engineered   

Mercier                    High quality Canadian manufacturer. Mostly solid, some engineered  

Mirage                     High quality Canadian. Solid, engineered, and herringbone

Mohawk                  Engineered, solid and exotic hardwoods. Some hand scraped

Mullican                  Solid. Oak, Maple, Cherry, Hickory. Some engineered, loc to fit.

Muskoka                 Canadian solid hardwoods.Oak, Hickory, Maple & Beech

Naturally Aged       Imported, mid price hand scraped & distressed engineered plank

Pinnacle                  Imported solid and engineered hand scraped, distressed selections

Preverco                 Canadian. Solid, engineered. High quality.   

Scandian                 Imported engineered and solid exotic hardwoods

Shaw                       Solid & engineered hardwood hand scraped

Somerset                Mostly solid red and white oaks.

Tesoro Woods       Imported quarter sawn, exotics, hand scraped

UA Floors               Imported engineered 

US Floors               Wide plank engineered. Natural oil finishes

Versini                    Imported engineered smooth, hand scraped. Some lock & fold  


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