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How can we provide such great prices on hardwood, carpet, vinyl, area rugs and still offer superior quality workmanship and products?

  • Our No OverHead Business allows you to save 20-70% retail flooring prices.
  • We operate our Showroom online and at your location, many Retailers pay 10k or more in monthly expenses they charge that to you.
  • We don't need to hit sales quota's our primary business is Installation of Flooring.
  • We have worked in the industry for many years and developed many contacts in the industry so we can shop the best prices for you.

How to get started?

  • Simply see our Online showroom choose the samples you would like to see and contact us for private one on one consultation...or
  • Gather quotes from your favorite Flooring retailer and contact us to see the savings. 
  • Already purchased your products and don't have a way to pick it up and install it contact us for your free online or phone quote based on the sq/ft of the material you purchased and quotes